What is the Best Jigsaw?

If you do a lot of work with wood, you know that a good jigsaw is a necessity to have in your workshop. Not only is it a versatile power tool that can cut through lots of different materials, but it also has the capability to cut shapes into these materials with just a small blade.

A jigsaw is a safe and easy tool to use that is also fast and precise. It comes with a lot of features and options that will increase your versatility on the work site or at home in your work shop.

When shopping for a power tool, it’s important to do some research on the internet, read some reviews, and even head-on into some hardware stores and talk to people that have used the products.

Below we have compiled a list of features you can expect to find in a nice quality jigsaw which will help take some of the guesswork out of the search for you. Plus we covered the basics of the best jigsaw manufacturers.

We also included a few tips on what to look for and a few jigsaw reviews to help you start shopping.

For those that are in a hurry, here's a quick list of our favorite jigsaws.​

How to Choose a Jigsaw

So you're asking yourself "how to choose a jigsaw?"

When you decide to get a jigsaw, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you're getting the right tool for the project you have in mind.

​Here's the deal...

We go into some pretty insane detail on how to choose a jigsaw that fits YOUR needs.​

What Type of Jigsaw Do I Want?

If you are interested in portability or doing small projects around the house, a portable jigsaw can be a good choice. The battery isn't that powerful so it's perfect for little jobs.

Cordless jigsaw motors will range from 18 to 20 volts on average with most cordless models have a decent battery run time with a quick recharge.

If you're taking on heavy-duty jobs or are a professional, you may prefer the more powerful corded jigsaws that can power through thicker materials. These jigsaws have a range of power from 4 to 7 Amps with 5 amps being average.

One rule of thumb to remember is that the more powerful the motor on your jigsaw, the faster and easier it'll be to cut and work with harder materials.

What Type of Speed Settings Do I Need?

Expressed in strokes per minute (SPM), the jigsaw’s speed will vary with the maximum speed averaging around 3,000 SPM. And that's more than enough for most projects.

What you do want to pay attention to is whether or not there are variable speed settings. You'll find that most advanced jigsaws feature somewhere between 4 and 7-speed settings to give you a lot of precision and flexibility.

If you plan to cut hardwoods, you'll need to use a high speed while cutting a material like steel will require a slower speed. If you don’t plan to cut materials that need different speeds, you may find that a single speed or less variable speed setting will be enough for your needs.

How Many Orbital Settings Do I Need?

Having orbital settings increases the quality of your jigsaw and gives you more versatility.

With orbital settings, your saw will not only move up and down like a normal jigsaw, but it'll also be able to move back and forth and sideways with a circular motion.

What Material Will You Be Cutting?

When you want to cut different materials, having more speeds and orbital settings increases your versatility. Plus it gives you better accuracy and more speed.

If you only have one setting, you should be fine with it if you're always cutting the same material. However, if you do start to cut other types of material you may find that your saw is too slow for some materials and too fast for others.

Does it Vibrate A Lot?

Jigsaws that vibrate too much can affect your precision and your overall project.

Many manufacturers have been introducing vibration-reducing features that'll help to increase your accuracy and give you fewer headaches.

How Easy is it To Change Blades?

You'll find that one of the more important features for a jigsaw is how easy it's to install and remove a blade.

This can be a tedious chore so many manufacturers include a quick-release blade-changing device that can be done without any tools. On these models, all you have to do is press or pull a lever on the end of the blade carrier to easily change the blade.

What Special Features Do I Want?

When it comes to a jigsaw, it can come with a lot of features, so it's important to know whether or not you plan to use them.

These features may be more than you need, so don’t pay a lot for a jigsaw that is overkill for the types of projects that you have planned.

Making bevel cuts is a great feature for those users that need versatility. Your base will need to be tilted to make a bevel cut which is usually done by loosening one screw and allowing the base to tilt 45 degrees up in both directions.

Some bases even come with a built-in lever that can tighten or loosening the base to let it tilt at either a 45 or 90 degree angle. So you can actually cut right up to a wall which can be convenient if you are working in a closet or cabinet.

Other features can include a LED light that helps you to see the cutting line better for better accuracy.

Dust blowers are another feature that has become popular helping to keep your work space clean and safe by removing debris and dust from your cutting line.

Best Jigsaw Manufactures

Black & Decker

One of the leading makers of power tools and accessories, the Black & Decker Corporation is known for being responsible for creating a market after World War II for power tools. Started in 1909 by Samuel Black and Alonzo Decker of Baltimore, Black & Decker were early innovators of handheld power tools.

And it has become a leading manufacturer of garden and electric saw tools as well as general and decorative hardware products, security hardware, plumbing products, and special assembly and fastening systems.

Black & Decker products are sold in over 100 countries and are made at 36 plants found all over the world.


Another leader in the world market for power tools and accessories is the Power Tools Division of Bosch Group.

With its dedicated associates and incredible innovation, Bosch has led the industry with its successful product launches of over 100 new power tools into the world market. Created in 2003, the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation was formed when their power tool and accessory divisions were combined into one company.

Bosch has led the industry as a manufacturing pioneer that boasts of over a hundred years of experience and is known for its engineering excellence and as an industry leader in sales, design, and manufacturing of power tools and accessories.


The main brand that is used by Sears is Craftsman tools that is known for their metal-working and wood-working tools and products. In 1927, Sears founder Richard W. Sears wanted to create a brand of hardware that would distinguish Sears from other manufacturers.

With their trademark registered in 1927, Craftsman tools found their early customers were mostly farmers. But after their quality of the tools were upgraded they quickly found themselves the middle tier of the Sears tool product line.

Sears marketed the Craftsman Tool line as being comparable to the quality of other middle of the road brands.


DeWalt was originally started in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt who invented the radial arm saw, but after reorganizing in 1947 it was re-incorporated as DeWalt Inc. It was purchased by the American Machine and Foundry in 1949 and then again by Black & Decker in 1960.

It was rebranded in 1992 as the high-end power and professional quality power tool division. And in 1994 it merged with ELU, a wood working power tool manufacturer in Germany, to become a popular power tool choice for commercial contractors.

Porter-Cable was purchased by Black & Decker in 2004 and combined with DeWalt to continue to be a leader in both the home and commercial power tool markets.


German power tool manufacturer Festool is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems and was created in 1925 by Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer.

Some of its first innovations were the domino joiner, the first portable chainsaw, the portable circular saw with a guide rail, and the orbital sander. Festool designed their products to work as a system, and they come with modular storage containers called sustainers.

The Festool products also feature multi-function parts including guide rails that guide the motion of the tool and are useful for stationary work. Festool has offices all over the world including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.


Founded in 1910 by electrical engineer Namihei Odaira, Hitachi’s first product was the 5-horsepower induction motor that was created initially for copper mining.

Hitachi soon became a leader in Japan in the electric power and electric motor industries. Devastated by World War II, Hitachi found many of its factories destroyed by the war and American occupational forces tried to separate Hitachi completely.

Eventually, Hitachi was allowed to keep a majority of its manufacturing plants. After major financial problems that resulted from World War II, Hitachi was saved from a complete shutdown by the Korean War and the defense contracts that were offered by the United States military.


Founded in March 1915 by Mosaburo Makita, Makita Electric Works began in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan by repairing and selling motors, transformers, and lighting equipment.

The first rechargeable power tool was introduced in 1969 followed by the first nickel-cadmium battery tool in 1978.

After half a century later, Makita has created a firm hold in the power tool industry and a proven manufacturer of innovative products. Makita has continued to design products that benefit the housing industry by cultivating a closer relation with their customers and continuing their evolution of power tools.


One of the leaders in the heavy-duty power tool manufacturing industry is Milwaukee Tool. Known for their power tools, hand tools, and accessories for professionals, Milwaukee Tool was started in 1924.

It has continued to lead the industry with its performance and durability. With a focus on innovation and trade-specific solutions, Milwaukee Tool has been a leader in Lithium-Ion technology and other innovative and time-saving accessories.

By working side by side with real craftsman, Milwaukee Tool is able to understand the needs and demands of the workplace to provide the best solutions for their customer to work smarter and faster.

Porter Cable

Founded by R.E. Porter, G.G. Porter, and F.E. Cable in 1906, Porter-Cable was initially started as a tool shop that began a focus on power tools in 1914 with a line of power lathes.

In 1926, they introduced the portable electric belt sander and developed their niche with the portable electric power tool industry. Next, the helical-drive circular saw was introduced in 1929 and remains the most commonly used circular saw a design that is produced today.

Purchased and rebranded by Rockwell International in 1960, Porter-Cable began making a line of lower end products that had reliability issues that tarnished Porter-Cables image. The company was repositioned in 1981 when Pentair purchased Rockwell's power tool group and introduced the first electrical orbital sander.

Black & Decker purchased Pentair Tools, including Porter-Cable, in 2004 and manufacturing for Porter Cable products are now centered in China and Mexico.


Manufacturing and distributing under the Ridgid brand name, the Ridge Tool Company was founded in 1923 in Ridgeville, Ohio. It relocated to its current office in Elyria Ohio in 1943 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric in 1966.

Ridgid tools feature construction, plumbing, HVAC, and pipe fitting trades. It is well-known for its distinctive red pipe wrench, although Ridgid manufactures more than 300 types of tools.

Its sells power tools that are largely manufactured by Techtronic Industries and wet/dry vacs that are manufactured by Ridgid’s parent company Emerson.


Japanese manufacturer Ryobi creates electronic components for cars, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Also power tools, hardware for builders, and printing equipment.

Founded in 1943, they began selling and manufacturing die cast products as well as producing offset printing presses and in 1968 began building power tools. Besides plants in Japan, Ryobi has one manufacturing location in the United States in Shelbyville, Indiana.


The Michel Electric Hand Saw Co was founded in 1924 to make a handheld circular saw called the Skilsaw. It was renamed twice to Skilsaw in 1926 and Skil Corporation in 1952.

It received Tops Manufacturing Company’s radial arm saw that was designed by Harry R. Wilson and was sold to the construction market. Skil Corp became a division of Emerson Electric Company and in 1992 became a part of S-B Power Tool Co. that was a joint organization developed between Emerson Electric and Robert Bosch GmbH.

Finally, in 1995 Emerson sold their share of Skil Corp tosustainersBosch and they completely merged their operations.

What to Look For in a Jigsaw?

Motor Size

When considering the size of the motor for your jigsaw, keep in mind that the more power your jigsaw has, the faster you can work on your projects. When checking for the power on a jigsaw, you'll find that cordless jigsaws have power listed in volts while corded jigsaws have their power listed in wattage.

The more power you have, the easier it will be to cut through harder materials. You'll find that an adequate amount of power for a corded jigsaw to run is 500 watts while heavy-duty projects will need at least 700 watts if not more.

For a cordless jigsaw, you'll want 3 to 4 amps for light to medium projects which is average for do it yourself projects while professional corded saws run around 5 amps. Most cordless models will have a battery around 36 volts while most professionals will need a corded saw due to their need for more power.

If you're using your jigsaw for just basic projects, a single speed should be enough for you. If you'll be using your jigsaw a lot, then you might want to check out a jigsaw with a variable speed.

This will give you more control which can come in handy if you're cutting a lot of different types of materials. Also look for a lock-switch that'll set the jigsaw to a single speed which is convenient when you're continuously cutting.

Stroke Per Minute (SPM)

The speed of the jigsaw’s blade is measured by strokes per minute or SPM. This tells you how many times the blade moves up and down in a sixty-second period of time.

Average speeds are usually between 500 strokes per minute and 3,000 strokes per minute and above. Depending on how you plan to use your jigsaw, the best speed may differ for than someone else.

It's important to consider how you'll be using your jigsaw and finding one that'll have a speed that'll fit the types of projects you plan on doing.

Handle Grip

There are two types of jigsaw handles that you can choose from. Either you can get a D style grip or a barrel grip.

The D style grip is shaped similarly to its name, like a letter D, with a cutout section in the handle, and it lets you clutch your hand around the grip. The D style grip is good for those around the house projects that a do it yourselfer will take on as it is better to use at awkward angles.

The barrel grip isn't as comfortable as the D style grip. But it allows you to hold the bottom part of the tool for a better hold with your hand closer to the cutting surface giving you more control over the blade.

This is an important feature to have when you're cutting curves making it a jigsaw that's preferred by woodworkers.

If you can’t choose between the barrel grip and the D style grip it may be a good idea to choose a convertible handle that has a detachable D style grip.

Variable Speed

As you do your research on jigsaws, you'll soon find that a variable speed option is almost a necessary feature on a jigsaw. If you plan on cutting through many types of materials without slowing down, you'll find that speed regulation is really helpful to accomplish this.

You'll need a slow speed for those harder and thicker pieces of material while softer and thinner pieces of material will need a high speed. If you're someone that plans on doing a bunch of different projects, you should buy a jigsaw that has a few speed options.

Orbital Action

If you're familiar with a typical reciprocating saw, you'll understand that an orbital saw is similar to that motion of going up and down in a reciprocal movement.

It does differ in the fact that the blade will also go back and forth with a more aggressive cut giving your more power and allowing you to power through tougher materials. This orbital action also clears away debris and chips while you cut making your cuts faster than you could make with straight reciprocating jigsaw.

With an orbital action blade, you can move the blade both from side to side as well as back and forth making your cuts even faster. This isn't good for detailed work as it will make slightly rougher cuts.

You can use a circular motion with enhanced orbital functionality if you want to control your jigsaw in all directions.

Plus, you can increase your accuracy and speed with an orbital jigsaw which will help you keep all the wood chips out of the way by just selecting the lever for the optimal orbital setting with a lever.

However, if you want to make tight scroll or curved cuts, you can choose less orbits.

Pendulum Action

In comparison to the orbital action, the pendulum action will move the blade away from the material you're cutting on the down stroke while returning it on the up stroke.

This action will both increase the cutting speed while stopping the blade from wearing down quickly which will also reduce the opportunity for it to get jammed.

Adjustable Foot

The ability to cut at different angles is another important feature to consider in the jigsaw you're buying. A jigsaw that has an adjustable foot makes it perfect for projects that need to have circular or pattern cuts.

With angles that cut up to 45 degree, a jigsaw can pivot and make bevel adjustments. You need to make sure you know the jigsaw that you're interested in can adjust to these angles and see if it also requires any additional tools to set it up.

And, if you're interested in fast angle movement, then you need to look for a tool that is an easy to adjust jigsaw.

Blade Changing

You'll find that the blades on a jigsaw can be changed in several different ways. Most of the jigsaws you'll see will have a quick release feature that'll allow you to quickly and easily change the blades.

With the quick release option, your jigsaw will operate easier making these models a lot more popular than their competitors. You'll also find other jigsaw types that need tools to fasten the blade for the screw requiring a little more time to change the blade.

The T-shank and the U-shank are the two most common types of blades. The T-shank is used more frequently, and it's designed for the quick-release style of a jigsaw.

With the U-shank blade, you'll need to have the blade secured to the saw with a retaining screw for safety reasons. Also, remember that the T-shank and U-shank blades aren’t interchangeable.

Blade Support

Another unique feature that you can find on certain jigsaws is a special saw blade guide that's positioned under guide wheel of the orbit mechanism. Similar to the guide blocks on a band saw these small metal guides help to stabilize the blade and keep it from bending while you're cutting.

Some of these guides will have two small prongs that keep the blade closer to the back than to the front and can be adjusted with an included Allen wrench.

Other guides will use two small parallel blocks that you can engage with a small button that apply spring-loaded pressure against the blade sides. The jaws of the guide will open automatically when you pull the blade release lever.

These are both innovative systems that easy to use and help to improve your jigsaw’s performance significantly.

Vacuum or Dust Blower

Preventing sawdust from making your cut line or stencils less visible can be a great feature of a jigsaw. With a dust blower, you can collect and remove the dust that can build up in your jigsaw’s path.

When you have too much dust, it can cover your housing or stop you from seeing where you are trying to cut.

Some jigsaws will have a dust blower that just pushes the dust away while other jigsaws will have an actual vacuum cleaner attached to the jigsaw that will collect and remove the dust.

You'll find that this feature will either come with the jigsaw or it will be sold as a kit as an add-on. If you get a model that has a kit, it'll usually allow you to attach it to a vacuum cleaner that'll hook up to your jigsaw.

Dust extraction not only helps you make your projects look more professional with cleaner cuts but it also helps you to save money. By saving time from having to clean up your work site, you can spend more time working on your projects.

Plus, you won’t be breathing in dust that contains toxins that are hazardous to your health. Long-term exposure to wood dust can cause several serious respiratory issues.

And, having a messy work area can be a turn off for any client that is visiting your workshop. Presenting a clean and tidy work area will tell your customer that you're professional and that their projects or home will remain dust-free while you work.

LED Headlight

With a LED headlight, you'll have a guide or work light that makes cutting straight lines as well as cutting intricate designs simpler and more accurate.

Even though it's not advised to cut in the dark very often, it's still a great feature to have a LED headlight that'll light up your work area when you find yourself working in dark spaces.

Laser Guide

A laser guide will also help you to cut both straight lines and intricate designs faster and with more precision. It's still not advised to cut late at night in the dark, but this can help you at any time of day to ensure the accuracy of your cuts.

With a laser beam shooting forward for precision cutting, you won’t wander off your cutting line. Keep in mind though that laser guides don’t work well in bright lights or if there's a lot of dust in your work area.

Types of Jigsaws

Barrel Grip Jigsaws

A barrel grip jigsaw features a barrel grip handle that allows your hand to be closer to the cutting surface giving you more control over the blade.

This type of jigsaw is preferred by woodworkers as it's very helpful when you are cutting curves.

barrel grip jigsaws

Budget Jigsaws

If you're on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good jigsaw without giving up too much quality or too many features.

Depending on how you will be using the jigsaw, you may not need a very powerful motor. And you can probably work with just a single speed, but you'll still be able to get a good quality and durable jigsaw with fewer features on it.

A budget jigsaw will usually have a 5 amp motor and it'll still be able to make straight and curved cuts on wood, plastic, and metal. A budget jigsaw is a great tool for do it yourselfers that may not be top of the line, but will definitely be worth the price.

It'll also not have the versatility you'll find in higher priced models, but it'll work for all the projects you have around the house.

budget jigsaws

Corded Jigsaws

A corded jigsaw is powerful, and it's the best choice for heavy-duty projects, especially when you're cutting through thick material. Using a corded jigsaw can be risky if you're using it in a wet area since you could get electrocuted if you aren’t using it properly.

Plus you will have to work closely to a power outlet limiting your mobility.

Corded jigsaws tend to be more powerful with a motor range of 3 to 8 amps so they're ideal for professional contractors as it allows them to work on thicker materials. And you don’t have to stop to recharge since you'll have continuous power.

If you do choose to use a corded jigsaw, make sure to find one with a rubber cord instead of a plastic one.

corded jigsaws

Cordless Jigsaws

In comparison, a cordless jigsaw is less powerful than its corded counterpart. But they're very portable, have a full and free range of motion, plus they are easy to use in small spaces.

The motors can vary from 12 to 20 volts. And if you can find one with a Lithium-Ion battery and a brushless motor that reduces friction, it can help to increase the power of the jigsaw.

When the battery does run out of a charge, you'll have to wait to recharge the battery wasting precious work time. You can skip this step if you buy several batteries so that you can have the continuous work power of the corded jigsaw.

cordless jigsaws

Professional Jigsaws

Professionals tend to use a corded jigsaw as they're more powerful than the motor on a cordless jigsaw.

Also, craftsmen and professional woodworkers should look for jigsaws that allow you to use a T-shank jigsaw blade. They're becoming common among most manufacturers that feature a quick-changing blade option.

professional jigsaw

Woodworking Jigsaws

When you are making furniture, you'll need curves to guarantee that style you're looking for. To make those perfect curves of any degree with true right angles, you need to make sure the jigsaw cuts to perfection.

 A woodworking jigsaw will create beautiful curves on any piece since it meets the tough demands from woodworkers.  You can't skimp on this, you'll need the top of the line to meet your standards.

woodworking jigsaws

Jigsaw Reviews

Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw
best barrel grip jigsaw

From a company that has firmly established its place in the power tool industry, Festool has become one of the innovative leaders in jigsaws and blades.

With the Festool Carvex Jigsaw, you get a system that gives you precise cuts effortlessly. Paired with the right blade, electronics, and high-performance motor that'll reliably cut through pretty much any type of material.

You won’t need to sand any cut surfaces with the Carvex Jigsaw’s smooth curves and cuts that are splinter free. When you're using some of the most advanced motor technology, plus all the features you would every want, the Festool Carvex Jigsaw will blow away all your expectations.

The strong blade guidance systems makes it easy to tackle any curve and scribe line making deflection and blade drift a fond memory. Enhanced visibility is made possible by the quad-LED, stroboscopic system that allows you to see through the dust and darkness.

Even your toughest projects will be easy to produce with the strong and versatile Carvex Jigsaw that offers you multiple optional base plates allowing you to cut wood, plastic, metal, wood-like materials, and easily adapts to your most challenging projects.

With precision from its 3-point blade guidance, you'll enjoy cutting straight and true lines with the additional zero clearance Splinter guards and stroboscopic lights. You'll also get incredible versatility from the tool-less base change system.

This barrel grip jigsaw cutting system is also durable with its brushless motor. And a strong design that lets you tackle the hardest materials under the toughest conditions.

It also features a low-profile form with a carbide guidance system that has a triple blade reinforcement that includes carbide jaws and a rigid support rod that lessens blade drift. Its interchangeable base system makes it fast and easy to switch out bases from the circle cutting base to the butterfly-style angle base.

The 4-LED stroboscopic light lights up the cut line in-unison with the blade for improved and effortless visibility giving you precise cuts and fewer pieces to rework.

With its solid one piece Splinter guards, the splinter-free action of the Carvex cuts with the blade mounted in the machine giving ultra clean cuts with its precise zero-clearance with no splinters or tear outs.

The dust extraction features help you to save money and time allowing you to continue to work instead of cleaning up your job site. It also reduces harmful toxin that is bad for your health reducing your risk of serious respiratory issues.

All of these features is why we consider this the best barrel grip jigsaw you can get.​

What We Liked

  • Great slow start and it has an easy blade change
  • Runs smoothly, solid construction
  • Well-designed, great dust collection system

What We Didn't Like

  • Would be better with a tilting base
  • On the expensive side

Best Budget Jigsaw

WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw
best budget jigsaw

It’s a great feeling to know that you can make any type of cut you want at any time. WEN 6-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw has a 6 amp motor that gives you the ability to power through metal, plastic, wood, and almost any type of material.

You can easily create a contour or pattern of your choosing.

With the variable speed dial, you can easily adjust the blade stroke from between 800 and 3,000 strokes per minute. Weighing only five pounds, The WEN has a lightweight design that limits fatigue during operation.

The Wen Orbital Jigsaw allows you to easily cut through wood that is four inches thick and metals that are up to 3/8 of an inch thick. With the onboard orbital selection knob, you can adjust the blade strength to match the cutting material’s density.

You have four different settings that allow you to simply change the stroke from vertical to orbital with a flick of the knob and create a pendulum effect using the saw’s blade.

Beveling is also easy when you adjust the bottom footplate up to 45 degrees in both directions so you can create angled cuts for your project. With the lock-on button, you can temporarily hold the trigger in place to get rid of any stress placed on the trigger during long periods of use.

You'll also have easy blade installations and changes with the tool-free quick release chuck. And the onboard tool storage system gives you convenient access to all your hex wrenches. The rear-mounted dust port lets you attach whatever dust collection device that you choose, plus the WEN Jigsaw comes with a two-year warranty.

It's our favorite best budget jigsaw is due to all of those reasons.

What We Liked

  • Very powerful and smooth
  • Great for home projects
  • Great variable speed, good price

What We Didn't Like

  • Not good for heavy duty jobs
  • Doesn't cut thick, soft wood well

Best Corded Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120 Volt 7 Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw
best corded jigsaw

When you want a tool that gives you durability, power, and precision, look no further than the Bosch JS470E Jig Saw. The strong cast aluminum footplate, plus its industrial design, lets you take it with you to the toughest job sites and can withstand a hard drop.

The accuracy and precision of the jigsaw are ideal for either a professional or a do it yourselfer.

With a 7.0 amp plus up to 60 hertz motor, the Bosch JS470E jig saw is top rated, and it has a no load SMP ranges from 500 up to 3,100. It can cut wood up to 5-7/8-inches, aluminum up to 7/8-inch, and steel up to 3/8-inch.

Plus it has a maximum bevel cut angle of 45 degrees. Bosch also features a Constant Response Circuity system that helps you to guarantee your desired speed so that you won’t have any inconsistences in your precision or performance.

You also have the option of choosing between four different orbital-action settings that allow you to find the perfect blade strokes for aggressive or smooth cuts. Bosch also features a tool-less blade ejection lever guaranteeing that you won’t have to touch a hot blade again when you need to eject one.

With internal precision control, the JS470E’s plunging system was created for low vibrations that increase its accuracy and gives you incredibly smooth operation.

Other features include an ambidextrous lock-on button that gives you long steady cuts and increases your comfort. There's also an adjustable dust blower that keeps your line of site clear, and a large, durable die-cast foot that comes with a steel insert.

It also features constant response circuitry, an exclusive multi-directional blade clamp, four orbital-action setting, an ergonomic top handle, an internal precision control, a non-marring overshoe, a bevel wrench, an anti-splinter insert, and a carrying case.

You can see why this is our favorite best corded jigsaw. 

What We Liked

  • Cuts well, easy to turn
  • Good value, well built
  • Powerful and precise

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn't come with a tack light
  • A little on the heavy side

Best Cordless Jigsaw

Makita XVJ02Z Lxt Brushless Jig Saw
best cordless jigsaw

The Makita LXT Brushless Jigsaw comes outfitted with Star Protection computer controls that help to protect your jigsaw from over discharge, overloading, and overheating.

With a built-in dust blower, you'll have a clear cutting line for improved accuracy and added safety.

With the Makita brushless motor, you get three orbital settings plus a straight cut that gives you faster and more precise cuts on a variety of materials.

Its variable 6-speed control dials gives you between 800 and 3,500 strokes per minutes that let you match your speed to your project. The electronically controlled brushless motor is efficient and optimizes battery energy use by up to 50% for a longer run time for each charge.

The brushless motor also gets rid of carbons brushes and enables the motor run at a cooler temperature. In addition, its efficiency helps it have a longer life by matching torque and strokes per minute to the changing demands of the project.

Makita Technology has long been a leader in the power tool industry. With its innovations, it can deliver category-leading charge time so you spend more time working and less time waiting for your battery to charge.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Works great, solidly made
  • Very quiet, little vibration

What We Didn't Like

  • Takes a while to get going
  • Always starts at the minimum speed

Best Professional Jigsaw

Milwaukee 6276-21 Body Grip 6.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jigsaw
best professional jigsaw

If you're looking for a workhouse, the Milwaukee Body Grip orbital jig saw will not disappoint. Using a 6.2 amp motor, this saw can easily power its way through a variety of materials.

With a four-position orbital action, the Body Grip gives you a 1-inch blade stroke for aggressive cutting. The electronic speed control will allow the saw to keep its blade speed steady throughout a cut. It comes with eight overall settings, plus a range of 500 to 3,000 strokes per minute.

The Body Grip is very agile, even with all that power. It comes equipped with an anti-splinter device that keeps the work piece stabile while reducing splintering.

It's protected by a shoe cover that keeps the surface of your project safe from scratching and marring. And for smoother, overall operation, it features a vibration-dampening mechanism even though it does still run louder than its less powerful competitors.

Thanks to a keyless 45-degree shoe angle adjustment, bevel and angle cuts are fast and easy. Plus a transparent blade cover increases dust extraction by blowing away debris from the cut line for better visibility.

It comes equipped with a built-in manifold for vacuum-assisted dust collection. The Quik-Lok blade change system also gets ride of the need for tools. And the all-metal gear case with its cast-aluminum shoe is built to last.

Our favorite best professional jigsaw might be expensive, but it's worth every penny if you can afford it.​

What We Liked

  • Cuts smooth and straight
  • Minimum vibrations, well constructed tool
  • Good control with easy thumb action

What We Didn't Like

  • Housing is slippery to grasp
  • Has a loud high pitched whine

Best Woodworking Jigsaw

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Jig Saw
best woodworking jigsaw

With its ergonomically designed handle, the Makita 4329K has a rubberized grip that gives you more comfort and control.

With between 500 and 3,100 strokes per minute, the Makita 4329K can cut both wood and steel at 90 degrees. And it includes a positive stop at 90 degrees for solid cutting performance.

Combining both power and ease of use, this compact design has three orbital settings provide straight cuts. It's perfect for cabinet makers, professional woodworkers, and specialty residential construction workers.

This is a quiet jigsaw and has fewer vibrations than its competitors with a counterweight balancing system that was engineered for fewer vibrations and a more comfortable experience while using it.

A dust port designed through the body of the jigsaw gives you excellent dust management by using a clear dust cover and vacuum. It also features a large trigger switch making it easy to operate and a lock-on button for long period of use.

Weighing only 4.2 pounds and measuring only 8-7/8 inches, this compact design makes it very portable and easy to use in small spaces. Makita has created another example of its best in class engineering and innovative technology.

This Makita made our favorite best woodworking jigsaw and it won't disappoint you.​

What We Liked

  • Comes with a nice case and a blade
  • Makes smooth cuts and has plenty of power
  • Great price, lightweight

What We Didn't Like

  • Dust port isn't that usable
  • Not a very refined jigsaw

Wrapping It Up

Finding the right jigsaw for you can be a bit of a challenge. But if you stop and consider how you plan to use your jigsaw and what features you may need, it'll become a lot easier to determine what model will work best for your needs.

Whether you're a do it yourselfer or a professional, there's a jigsaw model that will suit your needs the best to make sure you get the most out of your new jigsaw.


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