The Best 18V Circular Saw Guide

One of the essential pieces of every toolbox is a circular saw. They're ideal for cutting different materials including wood, metal, and plastic. Since they're affordable and easy to use, they're a popular tool to use on the job site or for DIY projects.

Since they're pretty portable, you can even take your cordless circular saw with to your next project or out to the lumber yard. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the Best 18V Cordless Saw and a few reviews to help you start your search.

Best 18V Circular Saw Guide

When you're looking for the best 18V circular saw for the money, you need to know what features are available. Only then can you decide which features meet your needs the best, so you'll know which one is for you.

18 Volt Circular Saw Tips

18V Cordless Circular Saw Uses

An 18V Cordless Circular Saw can be used for many different home based projects, and it is especially helpful for projects in small spaces. Here are a few other uses for the 18V Cordless...

  • Interior Trim Carpentry
  • A cordless circular saw is a perfect tool to do interior trim work such as base trim, wainscoting, and window and door casework. It works well with bevel cuts and quick and easy vertical cuts.

  • Exterior Trim
  • A cordless circular saw is also a convenient tool to use on gutters, soffits, fascia, soffits, and downspouts.

  • Tile Work
  • If you only work on tile occasionally, a cordless circular saw can be outfitted with a carbide blade that makes it easy to remove cracked and chipped grout efficiently.

  • Roofing
  • A cordless circular saw can also cut shingles and vents for plumbing pipes, exhaust pipes, and attic vents, plus it eliminates a tripping hazard at a dangerous height.

  • Plumbing
  • With the correct blade, a cordless circular saw can cut plumbing pipes, especially since plumbing pipes tend to be in difficult to reach positions.

Features of 18V Cordless Circular Saws

  • Blade Position
  • A circular saw can have a blade that is either on the left or the right of the motor, and some manufacturers offer models that have a blade on both sides. A cordless circular saw can either be a sidewinder or a worm-drive saw much like a corded circular saw.

    Sidewinders have the handle sitting over the blade with the blade found on the right side of the saw. They are also unbalanced when you hold them as the weight is placed behind the blade when it is in use. They also spin faster and are more lightweight than a worm drive.

    The handle sits behind the blade on a worm-drive saw with the blade sitting on the left side. This makes it easy to see for right-handed users which can leave the saw unsupported as the weight of the saw sits on the waste side of the cut. They are also longer and shorter than a sidewinder with more weight and power.

  • Saw Blades
  • The diameter of the blade determines the size of a circular saw. The maximum depth of cut determines it work capacity, but it is a good rule of them that the larger the saw blade, the bigger it’s cutting capacity will be.

    Blades will range from 5 1/2 inches to 6 3/4 inches with a 6-inch blade being the most common. You can cut through 2-inch material in one pass with a 5 3/8 inches or larger blade at 90 degrees, but will need to use two passes if you are cutting at a 45-degree angle.

    Blades are also designed to cut different materials besides wood like stainless steel, metal, aluminum, and ceramic tile. Remember that you may need to resharpen blades that you use to cut wood while blades used to cut metal just need to be replaced.

    The number of teeth on a blade will determine how fine a cut you can make. The higher the number of teeth, the finer the cut you will make and vice versa.

  • Power and Weight
  • The 18 volt saw is in the middleweight of the power category. Cordless circular saws range from the lightweight category of 14.4 volts to the heavyweight category of 36 volts. Remember the higher the voltage of saw, the bigger battery pack you will need and the heavier the saw will become.

  • Batteries
  • The battery can be one of the biggest disadvantages of a cordless saw depending on how fast the battery runs out. It is always a good idea to have batteries that are continually recharged, so you can switch them out as you work.

  • Speed and Control
  • The faster your blade turns, the better control you will have over the cut. To determine the speed of the saw you are considering, look for the revolutions per minute (RPM).

  • Extra Features
  • There are always extra features to a saw that aren’t necessary, but are nice gadgets to have. Features like LED job lights can be very useful, as well as an ergonomic handle which can keep your arm from getting tired while you work.

    Safety features are a little more necessary, though. It is always good to find a saw that has a safety feature that is built into the motor that will keep it from burning out the motor, cool down the motor with a fan, or use an advanced braking system to stop the motor and the blade if there is an emergency.

what is the best 18v circular saw

The Best 18V Cordless Circular Saw

Here's a brief summary of the top 18V circular saws on the market today. We'll follow up with detailed 18V circular saw reviews to make your decision easier.

The DeWalt DC390B Circular Saw gives you professional duty for at home projects. It has twice the cutting capacity of its competitors and includes increased bevel capacity for a variety of projects.

The Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw is great for your job site giving you all the power for fast cuts with a compact design that works in a variety of different cutting projects. With a high torque Makita-built motor, you get 3,700 RPM for fast cuts that are precise and smooth.

The Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw will take on any job you throw at it with professional cuts and increased bevel capacity for added versatility. This is a great saw for remodelers and roofers or anyone working in harsh conditions.

If you are looking for comfort and convenience, the Hitachi C18DGLP4 Circular Saw will give you all that plus precision and power. This Hitachi is compatible with all of Hitachi’s 18V slide-type batteries, and it generates 4,500 RPM no-load speed with a compact and lightweight body.

Milwaukee 2630-20 Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 2630-20 Circular Saw is easy to use, lightweight, and durable. It is ideal for many different types of projects, and it gives you the most durability you will find in a cordless saw.

Ryobi One P504G Circular Saw

The Ryobi One P504G Circular Saw is an upgraded tool that gives you more power than previous models and comes with a 24 Tooth Ultra-Thin kerf carbide-tipped blade that provides quick and clean cuts. The ergonomic design gives you improved comfort when using the saw long term, plus it comes with an on-board wrench storage for fast blade changes.

Top 18V Circular Saw Reviews

DeWalt Bare-Tool DC390B 6 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

dewalt cordless circular saw review



Our Rating

If you are looking for a cordless circular saw that is a professional duty saw for at home, projects, the DeWalt DC390 is worth a look. It is an 18V cordless circular saw that has twice the cutting capacity at both 45 and 90 degrees when using a 6 1/2 inch carbide tipped blade. It also has a bevel capacity of 0-50 so it can be used for a lot of different projects, plus it has a motor that is fan-cooled that comes with replaceable brushes for extra durability and power.

No matter what project you are working on, the Dewalt DC390B is a convenient tool that also gives you the power and performance you need. With an 18-volt battery, you can power a 6 1/2-inch blade at 3,700 RPM which is the best speed for powering through construction lumber, plywood, hardwood, softwood, or particleboard.

The Dewalt DC390B also features a high-strength magnesium shoe, plus an upper guard that gives it more durability and the maximum power. A rubber-grip vibration dampening hand grip makes handling this lightweight saw comfortable since it only weighs 6.3 pounds


  • Perfect weight, well designed and balanced
  • Has a left mounted blade design that makes it easy to see what you're cutting
  • Storage for the chuck is in the handle


  • Battery life is pretty short due to the amount of power it uses
  • Doesn't include a case

Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw 6 1/2-Inch

cordless circular saws



Our Rating

If you need cordless cutting power on your job site, the Makita 18V Circular Saw provides all the power for fast cutting and driving through wood. The Makita XSS02Z has high-torque motor that Makita is known for, plus a compact design that makes it versatile enough for a wide variety of cutting projects.

It can cut two times the amount of materials at 45 degrees than its competitors. The Makita-built high torque motor gives you 3,700 RPM for faster cutting, and the precision machined base is heavy gauge and engineered for accurate and smooth cutting.

It includes the added durability you need with harsh job site conditions. The Makita features a 2 1/4" maximum cutting capacity with a fifty degree maximum bevel cutting capacity, plus it only weighs 7.3 pounds including the battery to reduce arm fatigue.


  • Great cordless saw that functions flawlessly
  • Lightweight, clean cuts that are precise


  • Battery drains quickly
  • Doesn't come with a battery

Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180BL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 6 1/2-Inch Circular Saw

18v circular saw reviews



Our Rating

If you are ready to power through wood and decking, the Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw is ready to take on the job. It gives you professional cuts in tight spaces, plus it can cut through 2-Inch material, and it has a 50° bevel for additional versatility.

It only weighs 6.6 lbs., so it is easy on your arms, plus it has a lower guard with an anti-snag feature to make cutting easier and a depth gauge that is easy to read.

If you are working in harsh condition or a demanding area, this saw is ideal, especially for remodelers and roofers. The Bosch CCS180BL circular saw gives you an adjustable bevel for increased versatility which helps to provide locking and accuracy that stays consistent and precise.

This is also a durable power saw that was made to withstand years of use on the job site. The footplate and depth bracket are constructed with high-strength materials to make easy depth adjustment while you are working.

It also features the Bosch Motor and Cell Protection that stops overloading and overheating. Included in the set is an Exact-Fit insert tray, plus an L-BOXX-3 carrying case that operates with the Bosch Click & Go system, and an Exact-Fit insert tray.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Saw is quieter than  you would expect


  • Doesn't have enough power for some users
  • Case isn't well designed

what is the best cordless circular saw



Our Rating

Not only does the Hitachi C18DGLP4 give you convenience and comfort, plus precision and power, it is covered by the Hitachi Lifetime Lithium Ion tool warranty. The Hitachi C18DGLP4 is compatible with all of Hitachi’s 18V slide-type batteries that you can purchase separately.

It also generates 4,500 RPM no-load speed with a compact and lightweight body. The motor is fan cooled to increase its run time and it only weighs 6.2 pounds so it is easy to maneuver.

The Hitachi C18DGLP4 has an innovative design that prevents fatigue with a soft grip handle, plus increased cut line visibility with a left side blade position and built-in LED spotlight. A 50-degree bevel angle allows more precision with increased safety with a blade guard and an electric brake. This is a very versatile 18V circular saw that can take on all kinds of projects.


  • Lightweight and handy, pretty decent tool
  • Great value for the price


  • Little underpowered
  • Can cut out on a major stress cut

milwaukee m18 2630-20



Our Rating

The Milwaukee M18 Circular Saw is not only easy to use, but this lightweight and durable saw is perfect for a variety of projects including framing, carpentry, finishing, plumbing, and electrical. This powerful saw gives you the most durability you will find in a cordless saw.

The Milwaukee 2640 is a high-performance tool with a 3,500 RPM motor that quickly and easily powers through tough material.

An ergonomically designed soft grip handle gives you incredible comfort and balance to easily control cuts while magnesium upper and lower guards offer the best-in-class durability that will protect your blade when dropped.

An aircraft aluminum shoe is easy to read with a lightweight but durable shoe that gives you great precision in rip cuts. It also features Lithium Ion battery that is an 18-Volt XC High Capacity giving you longer run-times, plus almost twenty percent more torque for those powerful cuts.


  • Powerful and sturdy machine
  • Good amount of power, convenient to use


  • Pretty heavy, can be somewhat awkward
  • Brake takes a little getting used to

Ryobi 18V circular saw



Our Rating

For an upgraded tool that gives you the performance of a corded drill, Ryobi introduces you to the new and improved Ryobi One Cordless Circular Saw. The Ryobi OneSaw offer forty percent more power compared to previous models, and the 24 Tooth Ultra-Thin kerf carbide-tipped blade gives you quick and clean cuts.

The 18-Volt One also features an increase of up to 35% in cut capacity and a 0-56 degree bevel cut capacity that will give you the ability to cut almost all of the common angles. For better cut line visibility, the blade is located on the left-hand side, and the front pommel handle comes outfitted with an over-mold for two handed operations and an optimal grip.

The ergonomic design gives you incredible user comfort during long term use. The Ryobi One also comes with an on-board wrench storage to give you quick and convenient blade changes.


  • Efficient tool with easy adjustments
  • Small and lightweight


  • Blade can be too small for some users
  • Doesn't cut thick pieces of wood

What is the Best 18V Circular Saw to Buy?

Our favorite of the Best 18V Cordless Circular Saw Roundup is the Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180BL Circular Saw. The Bosch CCS180Bl can power through tough jobs with professional cuts including two-inch material.

It also has 50° bevel for added versatility, and it only weighs 6.6 pounds, so it is easy to hold for long periods of time. This is the perfect saw for working in hard conditions and is ideal for roofers and remodelers.

Our favorite 18 volt circular saw for the money is the Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw.

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