How To Use Woodworking Tools (With Pictures & Videos)

Not sure how to use woodworking tools? Those directions that come with the tool just doesn't do it, right?!?!?

When I first started getting into woodworking, there was no internet. Okay, now I'm showing my age (Ha, Ha). But even where the internet is today, there's no real good source.

Typically you gotta search, search, and search some more to find truly valuable stuff. ​We got so frustrated with it too, you're not alone!!!

Or worse, you gotta pay. It goes something like this...

"For only $27 dollars, you'll master everything there's to know about how to use woodworking tools!" Yeah, we shouldn't have to pay for simple steps. It should be FREE!​

We're creating a huge resource on how to use power tools for you. And yes, they're free!!! Whether you just got a new tool to add to your collection or just starting out, our insanely detailed 'how to use tools' guides have pictures and videos to help you.

Just think how you can go to one spot and have everything right there. Life would be so good! Well, we've done that. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!​


Discover tips, reviews, and projects that'll let you master woodworking with simple, detailed, and proven FREE resources. An occasional tool give-a-way isn't out of the question either!

how to use power tools

How To Use Woodworking Tools

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