29 Wooden American Flag Plans That Are Awesome

Making wooden flags has become a norm on the 4th of July. Although most people view it as just a one day thing, I view it as piece of art that you can hang in your home.

That's why I came up with this list to help you make a wooden flag without the need to buy or hire a craftsman.

How to make a wooden American flag on reclaimed wood?

Just keep reading the article to find out. You'll also find over 25 DIY Wooden American flag plans.

1. Patriotic Pallet Flag

painted wooden american flag

via TheMagicBrushInc.com

The Patriotic Pallet Flag is easy to make, as you will only require a few boards, stencils stars, blue, red and white paint. The only challenge you might encounter is preparing the pallet.

As for painting and nailing the stars, it'll only take you a couple of hours to get it right. Preferably, use nails instead of glues to attach the stars as the glue might not hold up in extensive heat.

For more information on the procedure of making an American Flag Pallet DIY click here.

2. Old Glory

american flag made from picket fence

via BeyondThePicket-Fence.com

The Old Glory is ideal for those who love making rustic pieces out from scrappy pieces then the Old Glory is ideal choice for you.

All you need to do is find rustic pieces of wood painted in the three colors (red, blue and white), attach them together using nails and you’ll have your wooden flag ready to “wave”.

For more tips on how to make on American flag on reclaimed wood, simply click here.

3. Dorese’s Pieces

diy july 4th decorations

via DoresesPieces.Blogspot.com

Dorese’s Pieces are actually quite unique and cute. They are fun to make since all you need is a few scrap pieces of wood and you are ready to make your American Flag.

Since you want the flag to come out as an antique, it's advisable to use antique paints to achieve that antique look. What better way to observe the Independence Day than with a wooden pallet American Flag.

Visit this page for more details on how to make this 4th of July Wooden American Flag.

4. Pallet American Flag

painted american wooden flag plans

via CraftYourself.com

The 3.5’ by 2.5’ flag was an inspiration from Pinterest. There were numerous variations of the Pallet flags and they were all adorable.

However, we choose this variation, as it was easy to make and heavy enough to withstand strong winds.

When making the Pallet American Flag, you’ll need a few cans of spray paint, wood, nails and probably a saw. Visit this page for a detailed procedure on how to make a painted American flag on wood.

5. Wood Flag Wreath

door hanging wooden american flag

via ADiamondInTheStuff.com

While our Independence Day may only be a couple weeks away, the Wood Flag Wreath could be a nice addition to your front porch. Instead of struggling to make a wooden pallet, you can simply buy one from a craft store and begin painting it to your liking.

To achieve this you’ll need several cans of paint as some areas will need a heavier coat of paint than others will. Making the stars might seem hard, but once you figure out a way to make the first one then the rest will follow suit.

Check out this page for more details and ideas.

6. DIY Pallet American Flag

plans for wooden american flag

via AndThisMarineWife.com

Taking Patriotism to a whole new level with the DIY Pallet American Flag. Making the stars in this Pallet is the fun part.

You'll need a foam paper and stencil to make a perfect star stamp, which you'll use to make the number of stars you like. They should be even and carefully placed.

Since you are looking for a rustic look, make sure your stars aren’t perfect. Click here to get a detailed way on how to make the American flag out of wood.

7. 2x4 Flag Blocks

american flag wooden blocks

via SimplyKierste.com

The Flag Blocks made it here because they are inexpensive, easy to buy materials to make them and easier to make.

They look super cute and you can do it all by yourself. And it's a great 4th of July crafts for kids!

Visit this page for more information on the materials and procedure to make your color blocks.

8. My Americana Painted Shutter

wooden shutter american flag

via GottaHaveProjects.Blogspot.com

It took me about 3 hours to try this Pinterest inspiration out and the results were pretty good. It was easy, as did most of the work by myself from making the shutter to painting it.

My shutter might not have been as good as the one from Pinterest but it was pretty close. Visit this page to get a better understanding of how I replicated this American flag out of wood.

9. Fire Crackers

diy 4th of july decorations

via MyTalkingWalls.Blogspot.com

What better way to enjoy your Independence Day than with American Fire Crackers.

These Fire Crackers will lighten up your front porch. While not in the tradition flag format, these still give an American inspiration.

Visit this page for the materials and procedure to make fire crackers.

10. Easy Beadboard Flag

american flag plans made from wood

via SimplyKierste.com

The 4th of July is one day every American looks forward to and it gets even better with an Easy Beadboard Flag. Beadboards are perfect for this project as they are cheap and easy to make.

Are you looking for fun ideas on how to make an American flag made from wood? Go to this page for the procedure and materials.

11. Barn Wood Americana Décor

4th of july decorations

via AllThingsThrifty.com

Are you looking for flag idea that will make a statement? The Barn Wood Americana Décor is the ideal choice for you.

This patriotic large American flag wall art is something you want to hang in your house. Its rugged, classic look will add an antique look to your house on Independence Day.

For more information on the Barn Wood Americana Décor, visit this page.

12. DIY Reclaimed Wood American Flag

diy american flag wood plans

via LilBlueBoo.com

It took me only 45 minutes to paint this rustic wooden flag, which I had made from reclaimed wood.

It wasn’t an easy task especially when it came to dismantling the initial pallet to make mine. I used tapes to cover the parts I was to color white and then painted the red parts. I later removed the tapes and covered the red colors.

The result was awesome!

For pictures and the procedure, go here.

13. Grand Old Flag

wooden american flag wall hanging

via MyLove2Create.com

For the love of reclaimed wood, the Grand Old Flag is a nice piece to add to your front porch. Wood with “tattered” ends makes an ideal choice for rustic American Flags.

All you need are 13 stripes and you are ready to start your project. Click here to read more on these rustic American Flags.

14. Wooden American Flag

rustic wooden flag

via Mom2Dom.Blogspot.com

No gift can match the allure of making your patriotic father a rustic wooden flag on the 4th of July or on Father’s Day. Make him proud by constructing it and painting it all by yourself.

Visit this page for a detailed procedure on for these wooden American flag plans.

15. DIY-Planked American Flag

reclaimed wood american flag

via MaisondePax.com

The stunning DIY-Planked American flag is a must have for interior décor enthusiasts. It's a piece that only requires left over cedar planks, some nails and paint.

It's easy to build, and the results will surprise you even more. The imperfections of your planks will make your flag stand out and look even better.

Its colors might not necessarily be same as those of the American flag but they will definitely look good on any wall. Like I said, it's easy to make it, you just have to follow the procedure on this page and you are good to go.

16. American Flag Paint

handmade wooden american flag

via Blog.GlueDots.com

Looking for a 4th of July wood crafts for the kids? Go to a craft store; pick up several supplies to make your paint stick American flag and head home. Go to this page and follow the procedure detailed there.

After the kids are through making your flag, put it on display and enjoy the 4th of July!

17. Rustic Wooden Flag

american flag made out of pallets

via MyRepurposedLife.com

The Rustic wooden flag is a piece made from used materials of wood collected from fences. Therefore, if you're considering replacing your fence anytime soon, be sure to keep the planks as you could use them to make a rustic flag.

It might not be perfect but if you follow the procedure detailed here , you'll come up with something good.

18. Wooden Pallet American Flag

wooden pallet american flag

via PlanItDIY.com

This piece of well-nailed together scrap is fast gaining popularity among many Americans. What was previously seen as scrap is now being transformed into structures worth noting such as the rustic Americana flag.

The whole project will cost less than $20 if you have the scrap wood and paint. There are parts that might not be easy to make or configure but with this procedure, you will not experience any trouble completing your project.

19. Burned American Flag

wood burned american flag

via ModernBuilds.com

Instead of using the normal technique of making a flag, why don’t you try out this one? It’s a technique used in modern buildings and is referred to as shou-sugi-ban.

The technique entails using a Japanese wood-burning method to make your reclaimed wood American flag.

The end result doesn’t have the same color as that of the American flag but it looks nice and professional. Follow the steps on this page and you'll be done in no time.

20. DIY Flag Made From Lumber

american flag reclaimed wood

via Blog.HomeDepot.com

Here's a simple project for this year’s 4th of July party. It could also be a nice addition to your home. It's made from lumber and if made correctly it's a work of art.

The design follows the American flag etiquette of blue, white, red and stars. If done correctly it'll blend in with your wall paintings. All you have to do is follow the steps detailed on this page.

21. Rustic Wooden Flag

american flag made from wood

via Instructables.com

The Rustic Wooden American flag is fun and relatively easy to make. It's a stunning piece that displays the American heritage.

It's definitely a nice addition to your house or business. Click here to view the materials, tools and procedure to use when making your handmade wooden American flag.

22. DIY Rustic American Flag

large wooden american flag wall art

via TheYellowCapeCod.com

Ever wanted to make a rustic American Flag on your own? Today is your lucky day. A DIY rustic American flag isn't only easy to make but also cheap.

It's a special and unique piece that shows your patriotism to America. Its large size and perfect combination of colors will definitely stand out anywhere it is placed.

For more information on the process and combination of colors, visit this page.

23. DIY Distressed Wooden Flag

american flag out of wood

via TheGoldProjectBlog.com

Purchasing a wooden flag online or at a local store might turn out to be more expensive than making one.

The DIY distressed wooden flag isn't an easy piece to make as you have to get the measurements and the colors right. You do not want one color to be lighter that the other, do you?

For that reason, check out the steps and materials detailed here.

24.Wood Pallet American Flag

American flag pallet diy

via CraftyMorning.com

Looking to have fun while making your American flag reclaimed wood?

Simply click on this page and follow the process.

25. Making an American Flag

american flag on reclaimed wood

via SomewhatQuirkyDesign.com

The 4th of July is nearing and it is time to make that wooden American flag to commemorate the day.

Follow the details here and you’ll have your wooden flag in no time.

26. Wooden Pallet Flag

how to make a wooden american flag

via Shanty-2-Chic.com

This American Flag pallet DIY is super easy to make and costs only about $10-$15 to make. It's also good looking.

Go to this page and follows the detailed steps.

27. Handmade Wooden American Flag

american flag made of wood

via HoosierHomeMade.com

Decorating your home with wooden flags isn't just a norm reserved for the 4th of July. You can make one and hang it in your house.

It will not show your love for your country but also your support. Visit this page to get a detailed procedure on how to make a wooden American flag wall hanging piece.

28. Country Design Style

4th of july wood crafts

via CountryDesignStyle.com

This one is suitable for those who have little time to get the materials and make a flag. It doesn't use the usual colors but it still looks good.

Here's the plans.

29. DIY Wooden Flag

diy wooden american flag

via MotherEarthNews.com

Make your own 4th of July decorations and show your patriotism to your country, simply by following this plan.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list. It took a lot of research and to come up these wooden American flag plans. But it was worth it!

With these ideas, you can choose the procedure you want to follow and try it out. It came as a relief when I was able to find such a long list of ways to making wooden American flags and I’m hoping it'll also be of use to you.

Share your comments and suggestions in the comment section. You can help others by sharing this article too!

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