Holiday Woodworking Projects

Holiday woodworking projects. Some of the most enjoyable projects that we do.

Trying to find the right one is often a challenge. You end up finding the wrong ones doing a Google search.

Yeah... we get it! We've been there too!!!

So what's the bottom line?

This page is built with each holiday separated, so no more filtering through hundreds of unrelated holiday woodworking plans.

All you have to do is click on the image or buttons below and you'll be sent directly to that specific holiday project.

No fuss, no email collection, no click bait. Just the stuff you ask for... amazing isn't it!‚Äč

Holiday Woodworking Projects

holiday diy projects

Christmas Projects

Some of the most sought after woodworking plans for the holidays. Outdoor, indoor, and more types of plans that fits your needs.

holiday woodworking plans

Father's Day

Who else loves to make things than Dad and his kids... together! Awesome woodworking projects for the holidays just for him. 

holiday diy plans


Create the most spectacular holiday woodworking plans for this Halloween. Have fun frightening the trick or treaters or the parents with them! 

diy projects for the holidays

Fourth of July

The perfect time of the year to show your pride of our Country. Unbelievably impressive DIY holiday plans to show off your skills!

woodworking projects for the holidays

Mother's Day

What a way to show your appreciation for the person that takes care of you everyday. Make Mom the perfect holiday DIY project!

woodworking plans for the holidays


Family around the table all enjoying a great meal. It's the ideal time to dust of those skills and make an amazing DIY project for the holidays!

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