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Best Woodworking Projects

15 Remarkably Easy Wood Projects: July 2017 Edition

With summer in full swing, do you find yourself in need of new projects?

Planning to hone your skills while the weather is still nice?

Or setting a goal for 3 or more new projects a week?

If any (or all) of these are true, I understand completely. After spending a few days at home with the kids, I have been itching to do a new project...

Which is where this list - 15 Remarkably Easy Wood Projects, July Edition - comes in.

1. How to Use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

via ´╗┐AnikasDIYLife´╗┐.com

Anika, the clever blogger behind Anika's DIY Life, gives us a simple tutorial on using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

This system can create stronger joints, out of sight nails, and is versatile on both large and small projects - making it a perfect tool for beginning woodworkers.

Click over to her site for a written and video tutorial, complete with troubleshooting FAQ, to get started.


2. Modern Outdoor Chair Plan

via ´╗┐Ana-White´╗┐.com

Planning to spend more time with the family, hopefully out on your deck this June?

Then build yourself some sturdy, attractive seating from the plans at Ana has a video tutorial of this build, along with her detailed written instructions on materials and steps.

Go check it out, then start preparing your deck for family time.


3. DIY Craft Organizer

via ´╗┐CountryDesignStyle´╗┐.com

This article is perfect for those of us with cluttered closets full of odds and ends.

Jeanette of Country Design Style provides readers with her own clutter chronicles, including how she turned a lampshade into an organizing rack for all of her crafting needs. The easy instructions, plethora of pictures, and alternative methods section come together to make this a project suitable for all levels of woodworkers.

You need to poke around at her article to get an idea of your organizing capabilities.


4. Chalk Painting the Bedroom Furniture

via ´╗┐

Dark and bulky furniture sets can overwhelm even the most spacious master bedroom, turning the room into more of a dungeon than a sleeping chamber.

The blogger at 4 The Love of Wood managed to work her way around her dark furniture by layering it with white chalk paint. Add new fixtures and distress the paint a little, and you have a tranquil retreat.

Take a glance at this post of hers for before and after photos, tips, and tricks to refinishing bedroom furniture.


5. Containing Miter Saw Dust

via ´╗┐TheHandymansDaughter´╗┐.com

The Handyman's Daughter is a site all about woodworking in the home, from tips to blueprints. In this particular article, blogger Vineta decided to share with us her various sources of inspiration for containing the sawdust that comes off of her miter saw.

From quick fixes like a dollar store trash can to triple digit dust collectors, she demystifies the issue. 


6. 29 Amazing Wooden American Flag Plans

via ´╗┐WoodworkingFuel´╗┐.com

Get the kids (and parents) involved with these projects, which only require a little bit of wood. I've whipped up these easy wood projects for the Fourth of July.

There's plenty of inspiration and detailed instructions to show off your patriotism! Easily create your own.ÔÇő


7. Tool Hooks in 10 Minutes

via ´╗┐LoveCreateCelebrate´╗┐.com

Lindi, founder of the Love Create Celebrate blog, tossed together a hanging BBQ tool holder in just ten minutes with scrap wood.

This project is perfect for those of us who are nervous to take on a massive project this June.

You have to check out her post to get an idea of just how speedy and simple this project is - then try it yourself!


8. Light Up Makeup Vanity

Have a particularly feminine teenager's birthday coming up?

Wow her with a hand made vanity, complete with Broadway style lighting around a wide mirror.

Click on over to the uncomplicated directions that Glenn, from the YouTube channel DIY Creators.

With visual and written instructions, as well as plenty of tips, he makes this project attainable for woodworkers with all levels of experience.


9. DIY Makeup Organizer

via ´╗┐TheCarmichaelWorkshop´╗┐´╗┐.com

After that vanity project, you may need to put together a makeup organizer for that special teen in your life.

The dad behind The Carmichael Workshop found himself in much the same position, quickly tacking together a wall mounted shelving system for his daughter.

His video is a wonderfully entertaining addition to the succinct descriptions of his project on the rest of the page.


10. Mortises, Quick and Easy

via ´╗┐TheWoodWhisperer´╗┐´╗┐.com

Mortises are, basically, holes that correspond to projecting parts (called tenons) to create a lock between the parts.

Knowing that it can be mighty difficult for a lot of beginner woodworkers to drill their own mortises, the Wood Whisperer decided to throw together a video and list of guidelines.

Learn about the importance of layout, tools, balance, and direction in making mortises in this post.


11. USA Fan Blade Sign

via ´╗┐MixedKreations´╗┐.com

Have a few old ceiling fan blades hanging around and a patriotic party on the horizon?

This is the quickest and easiest project you could ever hope for, requiring nothing more than paint, a few letters, and a fan blade. Linda is back from Mixed Kreations to give out more of her simple, easy instructions for this project.

Take a glance around her post to get inspired, then invite the family and find some sparklers.


12. Concrete Serving Tray

via ´╗┐

As a blogger and designer for Inspiration for Moms, Laura is an old pro at creating trendy, chic projects that can be completed quickly or with minimal effort.

True to her style, this dark grey concrete tray takes very little work and makes a good project to do with friends.

Check out her plans to create your own stylish serving tray.


13. (Removed at our Request)

14. Top Shop Projects

Long term woodworker John is the force behind the I Build It channel on YouTube.

In this video, he recounts his most useful shop projects, from scrap wood cabinets to belt sander platforms.

With lots of links to the original blueprints and ample descriptions of the merits of each project, follow the links to get an idea of how much of your workshop you can actually build yourself.


15. DIY-Planked American Flag

Want a family heirloom the kids are actually encouraged to write on?

Go for this beautiful wooden growth chart, made to look like a giant ruler, to record their heights and occasional inane scribbles. You can even customize the chart with individual names or family initials to add the perfect touch.

April Wilkerson explains the whole building process for this stylized ruler at - so get over there, build your own, and start making some great family memories to keep.


Did this list give you a kick in the pants to head outside for your own July project? Putting it together certainly got me into a woodworking mood...

I am planning to do a couple of these projects with the kids in the coming month.

If these entries did inspire you to start your own project, please drop me a comment. Are your fingers itching to grab a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig or sawdust-free miter saw? Share this article!

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