Here's What Woodworking Fuel is All About

Hi and welcome to Woodworking Fuel!   My name is Ed and I'm passionate about woodworking.  So much so, that I'm on a mission to help other people learn, grow, and experience in the fun and excitement of being a woodworker.

Woodworking Fuel was established in 2016 with the goal to provide easy to understand woodworking information that makes a real impact.  I was always frustrated seeing too many woodworking sites flail to provide clear and concise information to their readers.

I wanted Woodworking Fuel to be different and I made a commitment to making sure our ridiculously detailed guidance can be followed by regular people with busy lives to achieve their dreams.​

Part of being different is our name itself.  We're here to provide motivation (fuel) to woodworkers... hence our name!

My Story

I grew up with a grandpa that was always building stuff.  Homes, furniture, whatever.  My dad was also very skilled with his hands, remolding our home several times while growing up.  Let's just say I learned by the best, family that actually worked for years in this trade.

After getting married, I started to build our own furniture.  You have admit, most furniture for sale in stores are made from particle board or MDF, slapped together with staples​, and might last two or three years.  Well, my wife and I didn't want to have this stuff in our home.

So began the long journey of building our own furniture for our home.  Starting out with our custom bedroom furniture. Then when the kids came, the baby's crib and then their own bedroom furniture.

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A dinning room set, some items for friends and family were next.  Still working on my wife's list she made for me, but making some progress!  ​

It took some time, as it's a hobby and not a full time job for me.  Seeing my kids eye's light up when they finally get to play with that dollhouse or art easel you built​ is priceless.

​I've built some beautiful family heirlooms that'll be passed down generations and generations.  Solid wood furniture that you just can't buy somewhere... totally custom to fit your needs and desires.  

Now that I have a strong foundation as a woodworker, I'm so grateful that I get this chance to share my insights with so many people.

Today's modern internet is filled with crappy sites.  These are causing some real problems for people as they look for proven advice and detailed guidance on woodworking.

Given that there is so much information (and mis-information) out there about woodworking, we at Woodworking Fuel have set out some clear principles that we strive to abide by.

This is so we can provide you with a single place to get woodworkers insight and guidance, without all the confusion that you might find elsewhere.

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Here's to your happy woodworking journey,

Ed Connors

Founder of Woodworking Fuel​

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